We are a team of beauty industry professionals who tour the UK Glamming up the nation with our very own line of Disco Glitter Cosmetics. Catch our team of Makeup Artists at events & functions with our DISCO GLITTER station & our Glam & Glitter stall. We also do private functions and smaller events.

Owner Diana is a beauty industry professional with 17 years experience.

" Developing a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics that are skin friendly, have natural ingredients & all made in the UK was something i have always wanted to do. I researched and sourced the best ingredients over 2 years. Finding the best formulas that worked fantastically and would make Glitter last a very long time with top quality ingredients. Many popular techniques to apply Glitter are not suitable for children and people who have very sensitive skin. My children have allergies and skin conditions and one is a dancer so creating products with them in mind was my priority. Glitter is so fabulous and to be able to include them and allow my daughter to be just like her dancing peers was essential. Kids want to be sparkly just like we do. Disco Glitter products can be used on children and adults, are safe, hypoallergenic, natural ingredients, cruelty free & vegan. Being a dance mum i am always keen to help my daughter progress. We have developed a new line of Products called #GlamGear for the fitness, sports & Dance World. All our #GlamGear products are tested and endorsed by fitness professionals & dance teachers. Luxury hand crafted products that help flexibility, increase performance, gain strength, core skills, balance & general fitness. We also sell lots of handy cosmetic kits, luxury products & items that have all been sourced by myself and are the products  trusted & used by our team & we use on our clients. We are offering the world top quality products that are used and trusted by professionals. All our team are trained in using our products safely & hygienically. Our products conform to all safety standards & regulations and are 100% safe. We pride ourselves in giving the general public only the best quality and results. To book our team of Glitter Goddesses for events, parties & functions please contact us via our booking section on our website or email us info@theglamsquadhq.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you all soon & making you sparkle!"

Love The Glam Squad x

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