New Release! NEON BLUSH 15g pot. Beautiful mix of pigment and fine Disco Glitter to make the most sparkly pink you have seen. Perfect for on eyes, lips and used to mix with lipgloss or ontop of lipstick. As pictured above on Frankie's eyes, we used our PRO FIX hypoallergenic adhesive. Then used a little fluffy brush, dipped the brush into the pot and applied the mix onto the eyes by gently pressing the glitter onto the adhesive. Be generous with the amount to give the most sparkly effect. PLEASE ENSURE EYES STAY CLOSED DURING APPLICATION. Use a big fluffy brush to brush away any excess glitter (fallout) , ensuring all fallout is brushed away before opening eyes. Pro Fix can be purchased on our website. For super long lasting sparkly glitter eyes. Use an oil based cleanser to remove products for easy removal.  ie MICELLAR WATER. 

Neon Blush pigment/fine mix